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Customised solutions

The first step in the creation of a product is the need to construct the POWER SUPPLY part and for this Elta Elettronica is able to design customised linear, soft/resonant and hard switching power supply units, involving special solutions that are not available on the traditional market.

The next step is to build the MACHINE LOGIC MANAGEMENT into the heart of the system, manufacturing input/output boards coordinated by customised firmware/software on latest generation micro-controllers, suitably chosen for the type of application. These devices offer many advantages in terms of both cost/performance ratio and flexibility and continuous product updating also after installation at the final user's premises.

The continuing development of a system often requires an ACTIVATION device and also in this case Elta Elettronica has created various drive systems for dc, asynchronous, brushless and stepper motors with special input systems and output power up to 1KW, single phase or three phase. In this type of electronics, the use of signal processors (DSP) is fundamental, by which Elta simulates your system and then, thanks to special software algorithms, implements a customised motor management (e.g. with the generation of particular ramps or work cycles) which is also simplified by the use of only the parameters required by the application.

The USER INTERFACE is also important, where Elta, always according to the customer's specifications, produces customised intelligent keyboards, complete with an alphanumeric or graphic display, in colour or in b/w directly integrated into the board or separate for remote mode use.

And if your system must COMMUNICATE with the outside world (e.g. by personal computer, PLC or a generic machine), Elta produces various kinds of connections in this field, from the simple RS232 to the RS485, CAN-BUS, ETHERNET, USB, WIRELESS or CONVEYED WAVES using standard or customised protocols.

Lastly, Elta, always according to the customer's specifications, creates SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS in C/C++ for Windows and Linux environments