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How our product is created

The customer's request

The basic requisites of the product are defined together with the customer, and solutions and suggestions are proposed.

A qualifying element for the definition of a product is the perfect knowledge of the customer's needs, explicit and implicit, the quantities to be produced, and a final target price.

Feasibility analysis

This consists of verifying the feasibility of what is requested in terms of:

  • know-how
  • availability of human resources and internal and/or external production means
  • the time required for the manufacture of the product
  • minimum production quantities
  • comparison with what the present market offers
  • assessment of company risks
  • assessment of the environmental impact of the processes implemented
  • mandatory provisions and product quality

Project definition

Our specialist staff outlines an approximate project, operating in close collaboration with the customer, carries out accurate market research for the choice of the components, defines the technological process (work cycles and methods) and draws up a base list.

Customer offer/prototype

An offer is drawn up with detailed indications of the product, the minimum consumption batches, the execution costs, the payment terms and the delivery times/terms.

If the customer accepts the offer, the project is completed in detail and prototypes are made; otherwise the reasons for the refusal, or the points where the project should be reviewed/modified, are examined with the customer.

Project verification

The first phase on the prototypes is the development of the dedicated firmware; satisfaction of the basic requisites and compliance with the mandatory requirements are verified, and duration tests are carried out (e.g. thermal tests in a climatic chamber).

In the second phase, the positive result of the tests on the final assembled product is checked, carried out at the premises of the customer who collaborates with our staff in fine tuning and optimisation, and we ensure that the requested certifications/approvals are obtained (EC, UL-CSA, TUV, etc.) .

Project review

The review can regard the entire project or just a part, and it is carried out if any problems arise after the verification of the project or in the case of changes or additions to the basic requisites on the part of the customer

Project validation

This is the formal act which ensures that the final product fully satisfies the customer's needs; it is carried out after the customer has successively used the first production batch.


Together with the customer, our company carries out a production programme, using always and only approved materials and processes, and we carry out an accurate and complete functioning test on the entire batch In addition, being highly aware of problems regarding environmental impact, all your products will be manufactured according to the new directive RoHS 2002/95/EC

After sales service

This consists of:

  • a service of prompt and effective action in the case of any problems reported by the customer
  • the repair of products whenever necessary, providing the customer with detailed documentation on the repair
  • the tracing of your product, providing information on its production date, an updated report of its servicing and what repairs it has undergone
  • the guarantee of spare parts for at least 10 years